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Okay Tegan, just kill me with your sexiness, it’s fine.

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I Was A Fool - Tegan & Sara

This album is going to be perfection.

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Of course Tegan and Sara are coming to Columbus the first day of my yoga training…in California..

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Still Alive (Portal Cover) | Sara Quin


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Tegan and Sara - Closer (Acoustic)

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Happy Birthday to the lovely Tegan and Sara Quin (:

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Radiating calmness

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“Everyone’s like ‘It’s so sexy! It’s so hot!’ And I’m like ‘I guess, yeah!’” Tegan said. “For me, it’s all about that moment before it gets that way. You know, it’s about the eternal journey, the innocent, youthful summer love, when it doesn’t mean anything. Remember when we used to live off the fumes of just off liking someone and it didn’t matter if they knew? So I think I was writing a little more from that perspective. I mean there are a couple songs where I was writing about relationships but I think in general I’m writing much more about that.”

Tegan Quin wants to get “Closer”

Tegan & Sara are on the cover of the latest issue of Under The Radar! Click HERE to see photos from their shoot in which Tegan wears the Fun. ‘LGBTQ’ T-Shirt. The shirt is available HERE in The Fueled By Ramen Webstore!

Proceeds from the sales of this shirt will be donated to Revel and Riot to help promote LGBTQ rights, awareness and equality.

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