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Welcome to my office. Bacon and eggs and music, oh my!

What a long and crazy juice year it has been since beet juice explosions and northstar cookies in a living room. I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to ride along for the adventure that is #nativecoldpressed. I love you ladies. 💃 Keep on keepin’ on 😘 #timehop @schmicole @loveydoves @nativecoldpressed

Balls. @gabrielalaloca @grebbeler @alexasibberson (at Katalina’s Cafe Corner)

Columbus’ best kept secret. It’s blurry cause I’m not telling. 💁

"I wanna pet the cows!!! Well these will do." @lebrademeyer 🐃🐓🐕🐖🐂 (at Young’s Jersey Dairy)

The sisters Brademeyer. @lebrademeyer @kibrademeyer (at Ye Olde Trail Tavern)

How to wake up from a nap: Part Two. @oxleythecat

How to wake up from a nap: Part One. @oxleythecat

It’s looking like quite a promising season. Fuck. Yes. CBJ. @lebrademeyer #wearethe5thline @bluejacketsnhl (at Nationwide Arena)

Per usual, @angelaperley friggin killed it tonight. Like ermagerd. 😍 @lebrademeyer @kibrademeyer (at Independent’s Festival)

Tattoodle Saturday for @lebrademeyer. Can’t seem to stay away from @evolvedbodyart. 💁 (at Evolved Body Art)

{I love my job because…I get to be the realest and weirdest version of me, with my best friends, like this nugget below. @gabrielalaloca }
Happy @lululemon anniversary to me!! It’s been a wild year but my baes have always got my back. Lucky me got to do my #joblove pic today too! (at lululemon athletica Easton Town Center)

Happy birthday to this rad dude (that occasionally looks like a serial killer) who made and raised me. Thank you for giving me a little bit of that creative magic you’ve got and always encouraging me to use it. You da best, love ya pops. #hesreally55 #butliedonhisowncake

Unreal. #thewarondrugs #asseenincolumbus @lebrademeyer (at Newport Music Hall)

{the cure for everything is salt water~sweat, tears, or the sea.} I just have to say that the dudes at @evolvedbodyart always hook it up. Got some lovely lines on ma hands by @churchopolis and snagged some new glass tunnels and beautiful dangely shell pieces from @iknowsarvas. Mhmmmm 🏆👊🌊 (at Evolved Body Art)